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Planning Your Trip To Homer, Alaska

Getting to Homer

There are 3 ways to get to Homer, Alaska:

  1. Drive – It is approximately a 5 hour drive from Anchorage to Homer or 225 road miles on the Sterling Highway which is a pretty scenic 2 lane highway. The roads are good. Watch out for moose! Stop halfway in Kenai or Soldotna to stretch your legs or fish along the roadside!
  2. Fly – Most people fly into Anchorage via a major airline and once there you can take a commuter from Anchorage to Homer. It is a 40 minute flight. Contact Ravn Aviation at or 1-800-866-8394.
  3. Ferry – The Alaska State Ferry , the Tustumena is a beautiful ship. Check its schedule via the Alaska Marine Highway System at Thinking of renting a motor home? Check out ABC Motorhome and Car Rental in Anchorage at or 1-800-421-7456. They have very reliable service.

What We Provide:

  • All your Fishing Tackle
  • All your Fishing Gear such as rods and reels
  • All your Bait is provided
  • Any instruction you may need.
  • We will fillet your fish for you for free at the end of your charter
  • Our vessels have heated cabins and toilet facilities.
  • It is best to wear warm clothing, rubber soled shoes and bring rain gear (just in case)

All our captains are friendly, knowledgeable about the fisheries, and have experience navigating our Alaskan waters.

All our boats have GPS and Depth Sounders and all the necessary equipment to make your fishing charter productive, fun and safe.

For your convenience

All fishing licenses, tags and halibut derby tickets are available at our office. We’ll be glad to direct you to local shops where you can pick up a hearty charter lunch for day trips.

What to Bring

Alaska weather can change fast – be prepared!

  1. Plan to layer your clothing- it can go from warm sunshine to overcast and cool in a matter of minutes. If you are coming from someplace warm it’s hard to think about packing a jacket, so you can always buy some Alaskan clothing once you are here as a reminder of your trip.
  2.  Bring rubber sole shoes- sneakers or small boots will work. We don’t expect you to get wet, unless it is raining, but rubber soles will keep you from slipping.
  3. Sunglasses, sunscreen. It can be bright with all the sunshine we may have.
  4. Camera
  5. Raingear, just in case. If it is windy it can act as a wind breaker. We don’t usually have much rain in Homer, but weather is weather so be prepared.
  6. Although we spend most of our time fishing in calm water, occasionally it does get rough. Seasickness is a possibility for some people even if there are ground swells that can get you feeling queasy. If you have a tendency to get sick, before leaving home you might consider asking your doctor for the Medicated Patch that is worn behind the ear- it works very well for most people, or you might consider taking over the counter medications such as Non-drowsy Bonine or Dramamine, just in case. Don’t use both! The preventative medications usually work best when they are in your system the night before your charter. Don’t wait to start your treatment right before getting on the boat! It may not work. Sometimes ginger products will help as well as wrist bands.